Inspiring a New Definition of Workplace Loyalty

Welcome back to Balanced Living for Busy Professionals with your host, Diane Randall. Today, Diane talks to Lee Caraher, the CEO of Double Forte PR and Digital Marketing, about workplace loyalty. Find out what it means, how to foster a positive company culture and so much more. Lee is the author of the book The…

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Procrastination Syndrome? Find out the Causes and the Cures!

Are you a procrastinator?  We rarely talk about procrastinating in a positive way, it’s always more of a judgment.  In this episode Diane and her guest, Eric Twiggs, discuss the cost, the causes and the cures for procrastination. Diane’s guest today is Eric Twiggs, a Procrastination Prevention Partner. Eric is an expert in overcoming procrastination,…

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How To Create a Life With Purpose

Today Diane is joined by Kathy Knowles, a speaker, trainer and consultant who speaks on the 7-step system for creating more purpose, profit and possibilities in life and business.  In this episode Kathy shares some practical tools and tips on how to create a life with more purpose. Diane and Kathy discuss the importance of…

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