Procrastination Syndrome? Find out the Causes and the Cures!

Are you a procrastinator?  We rarely talk about procrastinating in a positive way, it’s always more of a judgment.  In this episode Diane and her guest, Eric Twiggs, discuss the cost, the causes and the cures for procrastination. Diane’s guest today is Eric Twiggs, a Procrastination Prevention Partner. Eric is an expert in overcoming procrastination,…

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How To Create a Life With Purpose

Today Diane is joined by Kathy Knowles, a speaker, trainer and consultant who speaks on the 7-step system for creating more purpose, profit and possibilities in life and business.  In this episode Kathy shares some practical tools and tips on how to create a life with more purpose. Diane and Kathy discuss the importance of…

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Journey to a Plant-Based Lifestyle with Pam Bradford

Today Diane’s guest is Pam Bradford, a busy professional who owns a training and development company and is a plant-based lifestyle advocate. In this episode, Diane and Pam talk about plant-based nutrition, share information on their journey as well as how you can transition to a plant-based lifestyle. You will hear Pam discuss her journey…

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