Break Free of Behaviors that Don’t Serve Your Highest Good

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Today Diane talks to Jon Cheplak about habits, patterns and breaking free.  Together they talk about how to interrupt patterns and change behaviors so that you can live your best life. We all have experienced patterns of behavior, all of which have the same unwanted outcome.  Find out how to recognize patterns of behavior that don’t serve your highest good, as well as, the negative feelings that accompany those repeated behaviors. Jon Cheplak is real estate expert, coach, motivational speaker and the author of the book Interrupt the Pattern – The Path to Your Highest Self.

What you will learn:

  • How alcoholism and recovery led Jon to become a coach and motivational speaker on habits and breaking patterns.
  • Definition of a pattern or repeated behavior
  • Recognizing your own truth when it comes to creating patterns and taking personal responsibility
  • Creating boundaries: when you need to create a boundary and when you need to say no.
  • Setting priorities that best serve your well-being
  • Being confident, and standing by your integrity when it comes to your boundaries and priorities; and other people’s perception of them.
  • Self-forgiveness, learning to love and embrace yourself.


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“How did I get back in this spot again?”

“My life’s pretty good but what are some things I could change?”

“If you want control in your life, you must try your very, very best to give up power.”

“What makes me happy and am I doing it?”

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