How To Create a Life With Purpose

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Today Diane is joined by Kathy Knowles, a speaker, trainer and consultant who speaks on the 7-step system for creating more purpose, profit and possibilities in life and business.  In this episode Kathy shares some practical tools and tips on how to create a life with more purpose. Diane and Kathy discuss the importance of trusting your intuition, setting boundaries, and practicing self-love in creating a more balanced life.

What you will learn in today’s episode:

  • How Kathy went from human resources director to an intuitive consultant
  • The work Kathy helps business owners with in order to stop working for the business and having a business that works for them
  • The importance of tapping into your intuition and why the beauty is in finding the silence inside of us
  • Where to start when moving from knowing what you don’t want to what you do want
  • The power of getting real on what it is that isn’t serving you and why you can’t let go of it
  • The difference between habits we’ve learned and what we authentically want
  • What to do if your outer world is in competition with what’s going on inside
  • The value in going from being left brain and stuck in problems to right brain, balanced and being
  • How to protect your boundaries of your new life to prevent the outside world coming in
  • The reason loving ourselves first makes us more capable of loving everyone else
  • Why you have to do it scared and the benefits that can come from standing in your strengths and looking into your shadow side
  • How our challenges and dark sides can end up being our biggest gifts
  • Why it starts your team and how servant leadership requires you to trust your intuition and leave your ego at the door

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“When it comes to boundaries, it really comes to us being true to ourselves first.”

No, is a complete sentence all by itself.”

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