How to Dress from the Inside Out with Kathleen Audet

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On this episode, Diane talks with Kathleen Audet about how to dress from the inside out. They discuss how to have a closet that supports you and makes you feel your best every day. Kathleen gives tips on how to shop for essentials. She also encourages you to forget the statement, ‘’I have nothing to wear,’’ forever. In this episode, learn tips that will help you better manage your closet and showcase your personality through your wardrobe.

Kathleen Audet is a personal stylist that has worked with people all around the world to find their authentic image by essentializing their wardrobe. She has been in the fashion and image industry for 20+ years.

What you will learn:

  • Save your time and money
  • Hunting versus shopping.
  • How to dress from the inside out.
  • Choose a color that fits you.
  • Buy clothes that fit.
  • How to dress according to your personality.
  • Be seen for who you are and not just for the outfit or the label.
  • Find time in the morning to get dressed easily.
  • Have confidence in whatever you wear.
  • Ways to essentualize.
  • Get past the stigma in the workplace.
  • How not to confuse comfortable with casual.
  • Use your clothes as a resource and not a liability.
  • Wardrobe and styling advice for men.
  • How to arrange the closet so that you’re the artist.


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“Everything starts with the thought process.”

“If it fits on the shoulder line it’s probably going to fit perfectly well.”

“Your wardrobe is a place that you create who you are.”

“Your clothes have a non-verbal communication to the world.”

“We remember people by color first.”

“Your image is something people are going to see whether you want them to or not.”

“Figure what you love and looks good on you.”

“All your clothes should be comfortable in 2017.”

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