How to Transition Into A Plant-Based Lifestyle, Easily and Simply with Laura Dietrich

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Research studies reveal that transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle is the best thing you can do to improve your health. Diane hears often from clients and professionals whom say change-making takes time; and as a busy professional, they just don’t have that time to focus on a plant-based lifestyle. In this information packed episode, you will learn simple ways to transition from a Standard American Diet to a plant-based lifestyle, no matter how busy your schedule.

Laura Dietrich, Plant Pure Nation Jumpstart Director is one of the main architects behind the Plant Pure wellness programs for companies. Laura coaches individuals and group classes on transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle.

What you will learn: 

  • How Plant Pure Nation started and about Plant Pure Nation food.
  • The simplest way to start transitioning a Standard American diet to a plant-based lifestyle.
  • What a plant-based lifestyle is and is not (it’s NOT just salads)
  • Plant-based eating can lead to naturally losing weight
  • How to pinpoint your cravings and then find a healthy plant-based alternative.
  • How to plan your plant-based meals when you’re busy.
  • How to enjoy your journey to eating more plant-based without the guilt


“I want to change, but my family, if they don’t want to change, so what do I do?”

“Try to pinpoint what you’re craving and then try to find a healthy plant-based alternative.”

“It’s okay to have a slip up as long as you take a good look at it and then figure out how do you do it a little bit differently next time.”

“Don’t tell yourself what you cannot have because that mindset will definitely, definitely set you up to fail.”

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