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In this episode, Diane speaks with Dr. Michele Summers Colon about creating healthy habits that can help you feel more balanced and energized in your everyday life. This episode explores the importance of accountability and knowing your ‘why’, as well as, the value of leading by example rather than telling others what to do. Dr. Michele also shares her tips for how to improve your energy, vitality and overall health and well-being through incremental changes that create healthier habits.

Dr. Michele is a physician, yoga health coach and overall health and wellness expert. She is the creator of the Body Wisdom Coaching Program where she helps people develop healthy habits, meditation and nutrition. She has been featured in various print and online publications including Bloomberg Business Week, USA Today, USA News and World Reports Health Magazine.

What you will learn:

  • The definition of habits
  • How to know if a habit is bad for you or not
  • How to take a bad habit and turn it into a healthy habit
  • Why making little changes day by day is more effective and sustainable than big changes all at once
  • The importance of accountability, incremental rewards and checking in with your ‘why’
  • How long it takes to form a new habit
  • The steps to help successfully incorporate a new positive habit into your life
  • The value of leading by example and modelling healthy habits
  • Why you should inspire people and hold nonjudgmental space for them rather than tell them what to do

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“We all get into habits, meaning our daily activities that we do without even thinking about it.”

“About 70% of Americans are sleep deprived.”

“The Kaizen Approach: small little changes daily lead up in the end to big changes.”

“If we do little changes day by day and week by week we can get those big changes in the end. But we can’t do it in one big swoop.”

“Working in a group with people or even having one partner to help you stay accountable actually does work.”

“Give yourself little, small rewards when you reach these goals.”

“Check in with why you really want to make that change. That will keep you grounded and keep your eye on the goal.”

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