Inspiring a New Definition of Workplace Loyalty

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Welcome back to Balanced Living for Busy Professionals with your host, Diane Randall. Today, Diane talks to Lee Caraher, the CEO of Double Forte PR and Digital Marketing, about workplace loyalty. Find out what it means, how to foster a positive company culture and so much more.

Lee is the author of the book The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from your Employees.  Enjoy this episode and the many insights Lee shares.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The old and new definition of workplace loyalty
  • Why an employee can be more valuable to you outside the company than inside the company
  • How to repair workplace relationships that have been broken by negative exit practices
  • The five things employees can do to leave well and be rehire-able
  • The power of creating a corporate alumni program for ex-employees
  • What you can do if you left a job poorly and are un-boomerang-able
  • The preparations you must make before leaving a company so that you can maintain the relationships you have
  • The reason Lee never gives a counter offer and what she says instead
  • The importance of leaving as many doors open as possible as a leader
  • What Lee tells new employees in their first week of the job
  • The most loyal thing an employee can do
  • Why toxic cultures do affect the growth and profit of a company, no matter what the outward appearances are
  • Lee’s mission to change the culture of workplaces today


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