Integrating Life Balance, Your Way

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In this episode, you’re going to get some key points on how to create life balance your way; key points that you can integrate today. You’ll hear Diane’s interviews with three of the most busiest, successful professionals;  who have integrated life balance into their daily lives. By doing so, they have joy and they have their health, well-being, success to show for and not just that, but they’ve gained clarity. Their priorities reflect what they want in their life and they have found meaning and joy with what they do in their life, every day.   

You’ll hear from Sarah Dale, a business owner,  caregiver, and wife to a disabled veteran.  As well as, Lori Cheek, an architect turned entrepreneur, and Founder/CEO of Cheekd, a newly launched hyperspeed Bluetooth mobile dating app.  Finally,   Adam Hergenrother joins the conversation. He is the CEO of Hergenrother Enterprises.  Adam has built six thriving, businesses in less than 10 years through his commitment to personal development, continuous growth and work-life integration.  

It doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is, you can improve your life to have what you truly want.

What you will learn:

  • Sarah shares the importance of understanding your sense of self and knowing what you need, in the moment
  • What balanced living looks like to Sarah, which includes setting very specific boundaries
  • How boundaries are good and can help us feel good
  • Helpful tips from Sarah for integrating balance into your busy life
  • Life before and after balanced living, as explained by Lori; going from being a tightly wound entrepreneur to a more relaxed and energized individual.
  • How to build a business and develop a healthy routine  
  • How positive people and socializing are integral to a balanced life, as explained by Lori
  • Adam explains that by having a passion for what you are doing, it will help drive balance in your life
  • Gaining clarity on who you are, not just what you do
  • Being mindful about your choices and structuring your day with purpose
  • How self-introspection helps Adam improve who he is or how he take an awareness or objective look on who you’ve  become over the last week, month or year.


The work-life balance, I look at it as a work-life integration. Click To Tweet

“I really put myself and my story and everything I’ve learned into my work.”

“If you put in the effort just one piece at a time, it just takes like one little trick, one little habit and that’s what I’ve done to shift.”

“It’s beyond a habit.  It’s part of my routine.”

“The gap between who you are and where you want to be is always going to be a who and the first who is you.”

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