Journey to a Plant-Based Lifestyle with Pam Bradford

Today Diane’s guest is Pam Bradford, a busy professional who owns a training and development company and is a plant-based lifestyle advocate. In this episode, Diane and Pam talk about plant-based nutrition, share information on their journey as well as how you can transition to a plant-based lifestyle. You will hear Pam discuss her journey…

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Restore Balance, Find Focus, Increase Stability, and Energy with Yoga

In this episode, Diane speaks with Lucas Rockwood about easy yoga techniques you can apply even if you’re busy. Manage your stress and other areas of mental health without resorting to cheats like alcohol or caffeine. Lucas Rockwood is the founder of the Absolute Yoga Academy which is one of the top ten yoga training…

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How to Be An Effective Leader Through Listening and Life-Long Learning

Today Diane’s guest is Hans Finzel, a successful author, speaker and trusted authority in the field of leadership. In this episode, Diane and Hans talk about why it’s important for leaders to listen and learn.  Any time we influence others we are leading them, good or bad.  Hans shares his own journey to leadership and explains…

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