Stop Being Mean to Yourself: Start Practicing Self-Kindness

Today Diane interviews Lara Heacock. Together, they explore the concept of self-kindness. They discuss what happens when you stop being so mean to yourself. You will learn practical tips to improve your confidence and navigate through life’s transitions. And, this episode will help you break free of self-critical habits, patterns and attitudes that may be keeping you stuck…

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Transformative Nutrition and Balanced Living with Michael Tamaz

Today, Diane talks to Michael Tamez about healthy and balanced living through changing how you think about food. Michael has been on a 15-year journey to lose over 100 pounds. They discuss the emotional and mental breakthrough Michael had in order to make this change. Michael attributes his weight gain to repressed emotions of anger…

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How to Dress from the Inside Out with Kathleen Audet

On this episode, Diane talks with Kathleen Audet about how to dress from the inside out. They discuss how to have a closet that supports you and makes you feel your best every day. Kathleen gives tips on how to shop for essentials. She also encourages you to forget the statement, ‘’I have nothing to wear,’’…

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