Energy Boosting Tips Are Exactly What You Need

Are you tired all the time? Do you negotiate with yourself in the morning trying to get those 5 extra minutes of sleep? Do you find that you’re drained by mid-day or too exhausted at the end of the day to enjoy anything? Do you use eating, drinking alcohol, or smoking as a way to relax. Do you want more energy? Then this is the episode for you! Today Diane goes through the 5 tips to manage your energy and have a healthier outlook and more balanced life.

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Change The Way You Think About Retirement With Roger Whitney

Financial health is part of Balanced Living For Busy Professionals!

Retirement and investment strategies, financial management, portfolio building and meeting your lifestyle goals are all topics on the show today, and Diane has an amazing guest. Winner of the 2015 PLUTUS award for Best Retirement Focused Blog/Podcast, Roger Whitney, The Retirement Answer Man himself is here.

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Today Diane Welcomes Author and Health Coach, Marelda Rodrigues

Today Diane welcomes author and health coach, Marelda Rodrigues who knows firsthand what it’s like to face the despair of burnout—but refused to let it have the last word. Reclaiming her personal power by owning her decisions, she began to recognize the absolutely essential behaviors that build confidence and ensure forward movement, as well as the derailing actions that stunt emotional growth and block achievement.

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