Setting And Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

What exactly does it mean to set and communicate healthy boundaries? Well, ask yourself what will you accept from others by way of the demands they make on your time and emotional energy. For most people, when someone asks something of them, their first response is to give in, to set that other person’s needs ahead of their own. Many of us have been taught from a young age to be “people pleasers.” One of the shortest, yet most difficult words for many people to say is “no.”

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The Concept Of Wellness

The concept of wellness covers a broad range–with different definitions depending on where you look. But for starters, let’s use the following–wellness is the belief that improvement is possible throughout our lives. We’re continuously seeking information on how we can improve. We’re choosing options and making decisions that support our best interests. Everything we think, feel and believe impacts our whole being.

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Introducing Balanced Living For Busy Professionals

I’m Diane Randall and as a working mother, an on-the-road SAP Consultant, corporate trainer, coach and entrepreneur, I’ve played all or most of those roles at the same time for more than two decades with a commitment to wellness and a balanced lifestyle. In this podcast I’m going to teach you the tools and strategies to a healthier, balanced life. I’m going to share with you my journey and how I can help you achieve the same results I’ve experienced.

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