Procrastination Syndrome? Find out the Causes and the Cures!

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Are you a procrastinator?  We rarely talk about procrastinating in a positive way, it’s always more of a judgment.  In this episode Diane and her guest, Eric Twiggs, discuss the cost, the causes and the cures for procrastination.

Diane’s guest today is Eric Twiggs, a Procrastination Prevention Partner. Eric is an expert in overcoming procrastination, and the author of The Discipline of Now: Twelve Practical Principles to Overcome Procrastination. He has done over 28,000 coaching sessions with entrepreneurs and has really gotten below the surface of the root causes of procrastination.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What procrastination is and the primary causes of it
  • The three categories of root causes Eric sees most often and the vicious cycle of anxiety that perpetuates the procrastination cycle
  • What procrastination costs us and who benefits from our procrastination habits
  • Eric’s 5-step Procrastination Prevention Pyramid that can cure procrastination
  • The importance of having a positive attitude and clarity of purpose
  • Why you should be aware of your energy power times and the atmosphere of your environment
  • The reason Eric no longer looks at time management, and what he focuses on instead
  • How you can delegate, automate and make use of tools and apps to overcome procrastination
  • The power of knowing your numbers and taking action
  • The problem of saying yes out of obligation and how setting boundaries helps with tackling procrastination


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“Setting boundaries are very important when tackling procrastination.”

The Discipline of Now

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