Quieting Your Inner Critic: Re-scripting Your Self-Story With Dr. Colleen Georges

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Today Diane Randall talks to Dr Colleen Georges about how to recognize the critical voice in your head and how to conquer those thoughts. Dr Colleen explains what positive psychology is and how this can be used to focus on your great achievements and block out rumination and catastrophizing thoughts. Together they discuss how to keep your mind in the present using gratitude, meditation and rest.

Dr Colleen has created her own technique of re-scripting to help her clients rewrite the way they think about themselves. She explains the eight steps you can use to also follow this method. These steps help to stop the negative movie that repeats in your head and change your behavior so that you can break free and quiet that critical voice. Dr Colleen is a national certified positive psychologist and coach, and a lecturer in counseling at Rutgers University. She has used her personal experience of suffering under her critical inner voice for 10 years to help develop these coping methods.

 What you will learn:

  • Positive psychology officially launched in 1998 and was developed by Martin Seligman.
  • Positive psychology doesn’t concentrate on what’s broken but looks at positive resources you have you have to deal with problems.
  • The aim is to go from dysfunctional to functional to flourishing.
  • Struggling with an inner critical voice can manifest itself in physical ways; migraines, neck pain or panic attacks.
  • To start working on this you need to track your thoughts; where do you start spiraling, what precedes that thought and what are the main topics?
  • 8 areas in the re-script:
  • Releasing rumination
  • Engage vs evading
  • Seeking strengths
  • Challenging catastophising
  • Restricting regret
  • Inviting imperfection 
  • Pursuing passion and purpose
  • Thinking thankfully
  • You don’t stop re-scripting, this is something to work on your whole life and keep re-writing.
  • You can change the script if it’s not working for you.
  • It’s hard to make time for introspection when you’re busy so you need to make it a habit.
  • Turn off the tv and block out all those negative messages to pull yourself back to the present.
  • First step is to be grateful, even if it’s only something small; got a job, a helpful friend, somewhere to live.
  • 50% of happiness is genetically predisposed.
  • Only 10% of happiness is determined by circumstance
  • 40% of happiness is what we do; how we talk to ourselves, how long we ruminate or see only our flaws.
  • If you wake up and feel the spiral, focus on the things you’re grateful for.


You don’t have to pay attention to every thought that comes into your head

Everybody’s story is different.

The more you do re-scripting the better you get at it.

Some of us think that our circumstances determine how happy we can be.

Use the strengths that got us through other things; use them again



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