Restore Balance, Find Focus, Increase Stability, and Energy with Yoga

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In this episode, Diane speaks with Lucas Rockwood about easy yoga techniques you can apply even if you’re busy. Manage your stress and other areas of mental health without resorting to cheats like alcohol or caffeine.

Lucas Rockwood is the founder of the Absolute Yoga Academy which is one of the top ten yoga training schools around the world with 2000 certified teacher. He’s a weight loss expert, health coach, TV personality, radio show host and acclaimed writer. He’s also the founder of Yoga Body, which is an internationally renowned nutrition, education and publishing organization that serves 81 countries.

What you will learn:

  • How Lucas’ toxic lifestyle pattern of abusing drugs, alcohol, and food led him to self-destruction, but then led to his discovery of yoga and healthy eating
  • Why the “breath” component of yoga is so important to integrate with stretching to get that nervous system workout in addition to the physical one
  • Why the yoga works: placing your body in an uncomfortable or stressful situation for long periods of time trains you to respond to stress with calmness
  • How the benefits of yoga transfer into your everyday life and how to find the relaxation tool that is the right fit for you
  • What to do even if you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have time to attend a yoga class
  • Important breathing techniques you can use anywhere, even at your desk or in the car
  • Water breathing and how to pace your breathing to achieve balance without any of the “crazy” techniques such as holding your breath underwater
  • How to use yoga to find focus, stability, and energy


Yoga can play a part to be some of the glue that puts broken pieces back together. Click To Tweet

“If you’ve found something that’s working, absolutely stick with it. But if you’re still looking, give yoga a try to see if it’s for you. Some people have found that caring for their dogs and taking for their dogs for a walk is meditation or mindfulness practice to relieve stress. If that works for you, awesome. Other people need crossfit, to flip tires in empty parking lots. If that’s what works for you, great.”

“Most people listening are looking at their mental and physical health and seeing shattered glass. There’s broken stuff all around. We’re looking for ways to glue those pieces back together. Yoga can play a part to be some of the glue that puts those broken pieces back together.”

“You want to feel balanced, you want to be present, you want to show up for your marriage, you want to show up for your kids, you want to show up for your work and have steady state energy, clarity of mind. Your focus is that 4 to 6 breaths per minute, it’s that balanced breathing, it’s that water breath. That’s where you want to put most of your energy.”

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