Servant Leadership: A More Embracing and Caring Leadership Approach

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In this episode, Diane speaks with George Ramsay about his leadership experience in the military and the workplace, as well as, the evolution of his leadership style over the span of his career. George also shares his wisdom, experiences and insight into what a servant leadership model looks like. Servant leadership is a more embracing and more caring approach, compared to traditional leadership roles and styles. In this episode, you will gain knowledge that will help you become a more compassionate and attentive leader in your business or organization.

George Ramsay is the Director of Training and Development at Four Oakes. His leadership roles span over 15 years. He has fostered relationships that are focused on his ability to develop high-performing teams of stakeholders that are invested in the mission, vision and goals of the organization or the workplace.

What you will learn:

  • George’s experiences under traditional leadership and how he shifted from that to servant leadership
  • The mindset change he went through about the type of leader he wanted to become
  • What it means to serve people and to be the kind of leader who serves others
  • How to develop current leaders and supervisors to move from the old way of ‘I’m in charge, this is what I do, what you say doesn’t matter’ to helping them develop themselves to become better leaders
  • How servant leadership practices can manifest in your life on a daily basis in small ways
  • The ‘me-my-mine’ disease and the ‘we-our-us’ cure.
  • The traditional leadership model compared to being of service in leadership
  • Where to start the healing part of the journey in moving forward from the old model towards servant leadership. Apologies will be required!
  • Micro-management vs. macro-management or macro-leadership


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“Praise and encouragement needs the balance of expectations to be effective”

“The new model of leadership is about becoming a better person by serving others”

“Leadership is a great responsibility, more than just approving time cards”

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