Stop Being Mean to Yourself: Start Practicing Self-Kindness

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Today Diane interviews Lara Heacock. Together, they explore the concept of self-kindness. They discuss what happens when you stop being so mean to yourself. You will learn practical tips to improve your confidence and navigate through life’s transitions. And, this episode will help you break free of self-critical habits, patterns and attitudes that may be keeping you stuck in place. As you’ll hear in this interview, life really does get better when you are kind to yourself.

Lara Heacock is a certified Life Coach, the creator of the Self-Kindness Starter Kit and the founder of Kind Over Matter

What you will learn:

  • Definition and examples of self-kindness
  • The benefits of self-kindness
  • Why so many of us are better at being kind to other people than being kind to ourselves
  • How to become comfortable with vulnerability and why it’s the first step towards creating more self-kindness in your life
  • The importance of boundaries and the baby steps to help you start setting them
  • How to work with your inner critic in a love-based approach
  • Why it’s ok to be scared, and what to do if you are


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“There’s no social or education system for how to treat yourself and how to show up in the world, and we end up living in the most over-medicated, unhealthy society that has ever existed on this planet.”

“Simple changes to how we treat ourselves and how we take care of ourselves on a daily basis has the power to make a collective change in the world.”

“The world teaches us the exact opposite of the tools that we need to actually feel good about ourselves on a daily basis.”

“Setting boundaries is a really important way to start to be kind to yourself because it helps you to show up where you really want to in the way that you want to.”

“If part of the reason that you’re way too busy is because boundaries are a challenge for you…my favorite way to start to set boundaries is by pausing.”

“You know you want to set these boundaries but the idea of saying a flat-out “No.” to somebody is petrifying and it can stop you in your tracks.”

“If you try and skip through that messy middle, it’s not going to stick.”

“Thank-you, I love you, I’ve got this.”

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