Tapping Into Your Heart and Intuition with Wendy De Rosa

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Balanced Living for Busy Professionals’ mission is to support you in creating the life you truly want to live.  Today’s episode is all about intuition. Specifically about how to connect and align your life and career with your intuition. You’ll hear specific tools and strategies that will help you tap into your sixth sense. To help with this topic, Diane talks to Wendy De Rosa, the founder of the School of Intuitive Studies and author of Expanding Your Heart: Awakening Through Four Stages of Spiritual Opening And How We Can All Open Our Hearts Just A Little More.   

What you will learn:  

  • How Wendy began her work around and involving intuition
  • How to tap into career, calling, purpose and meaning with intuition
  • Becoming connected to your heart, unblocking your ability to do so, and tuning into your heart center
  • How to allow yourself to feel compassion, sadness, grief and other emotions; without having them feel wrong or shameful.
  • The four levels of intuition


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“Get very connected to your heart because we maneuver through life from our mind or from our head, but the head does not satisfy the heart.”

“What am I here to do?  How am I here to show up today?”

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